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In response to the cancellations, closings, and loss of revenue our creatives are facing during the Covid 19 pandemic, we're choosing to celebrate and support our community by featuring our creatives through their own videos. 

Moisturizing Ingredients by Epiphany Lip Care

Join one of our youngest creatives to learn about the best products in lip care.

Poetry by Kevin Kepper

Close your eyes and listen to one of our local poets share thoughts on life indoors, ironically appropriate for our current social distancing lives.

Advice for Young Artists by Carrie Lee Kinslow

Local artist and educator uses her experience and generosity to provide young artists with the tools they need to enter the art world successfully.

Dream Ride by Carter Aakhus

A young man losing reality when his desire for vintage vehicles takes over in this wonderfully edited short.

Classic TV (B at Home) by Theater B

Join an ensemble of theatrical performers as they take us back in time to the humor and nostalgia of classic late night TV.

Half Asleep by Carter Aakhus

In a world of 24 hour news, a local film student reminds us of the individual experience during the Covid pandemic in this raw and gripping short.

Knitting Designs by Adrienne Larson

A local fiber artist shares her techniques and thoughts on creating a pattern for knit pieces.

B at Home, From the Vault of Matthew Burkholder by Theater B

Join a local theater troupe, from the safety of their homes,  as they take on the writings of Matthew Burkholder.

Small Batch Dying by Adrienne Larson

After much trial and error, a local fiber artist shares what  she's learned about dyeing yarns for specialty projects.

The Yarn Sculpture Project by Karman Reault

After discovering a uniquely personal bird's nest, a local sculptor uses yarn to create an intimate space based on memory and personal experience.

Live Performances by Aimee Klien

Featuring a selection of live performances, this video is certain to provide a much needed, humorous, distraction.

Dish: A Virtual Potluck by Su Legatt

Local community engagement artist Su Legatt hosts a conversation about comfort food, family and life in Minnesota.

Making a Healthy Candle by Christina Sticka Jacobs (Ease of Being)

Local candle maker explains all the necessary equipment to make a candle that is both beautiful and healthy.

Putin Take Off Your Shirt by Aimee Klien

Local musician and comedian shares a parody video that imagines a Russian MTV music video. (Viewer discretion advised)

Introduction to Candle Making by Christina Sticka Jacobs (Ease of Being)

In this video, a local entrepreneur takes us through all the equipment you'll need to make your own unique candles.

The Making of Moonlit Pines by Karman Reault

A local artist provides a peak into her creative process and demonstrates just what it takes to make an outdoor metal sculpture.

How to Make Lip Balm by Eva Sticka (Epiphany Lip Care)

Learn how to make healthy lip care products in your own home from one of our youth creatives.

The Pen is Blue by Lucas Kneip

A film noir documenting how one can get sucked into the mundane moments of daily life only to be snapped into consciousness by a shocking reality.

The Album by Raymond Rea

After being given the photo album of a beloved uncle, a local film maker examines the way photography is used to structure an identity for our public and the private histories.

The Postcard Kid by Michael Bush

Using the classic combination of sci-fi and western, this preview trailer sets the stage for an epic battle over the most precious resource of all... batteries.

Buddy Cops by Lucas Kneip

Taking advantage of the 'crime comedy' genre, two poorly prepared and poorly informed, yet highly confident detectives interrogate the wrong suspect.

We're in This Together by Magnolia 7 Violet Burns

In this video, two young residents take the initiative to spread some joy in their neighborhood with the help of their parents, a homemade sign, and some balloon tape.

Pine by Payton Griffin

This short film links together a series of vignettes that capture the anxiety-riddled cabin fever many may be feeling during these times.

Snack Attack by Maddysen Boecker

Using stop motion animation, this playful video combines two childhood favorites: candy and video games!

Many by Michael Johnson

In this 'direct to camera', a local poet and film maker pays tribute and offers hope to everyone who is struggling and fighting through these difficult times. 

Dating is Weird by Tiffany Reller

This intimate and honest short film follows two young people as they take on a first (internet) date. 

Sandia Cave Poetry Reading by Kevin Zepper

Shot in the mountains of New Mexico, a Moorhead based photographer and poet shares a recent publication of his work. 

Portrait of a Portrait by Payton Anderson

This energetic and somewhat haunting film captures the creative process of one artist as they print a portrait.

Body Image by Maddysen Boecker

Created by a local film student, this entertaining piece captures the ongoing struggle so many feel as they learn to love their bodies and selves. 

Get Ahead in Moorhead by Michael Johnson

Local poet, film-maker, and performer pays tribute to one of the city's most famous landmarks.

Attention Deficit Rice Krispy by Tyler Haehn

This experimental film follows a young man as he tries to escape the world of anxiety and stress that has grown up around him.

A Brief History of the Heritage Garden and Amphitheater by Su Legatt

One of the co-creators of the site provides background information into its creation and the artists' intentions for its future.

Thin Blue Line by Emily Williams-Wheeler

Celebrated local painter, sculptor, and all around artist takes us through her creative process and mentality when producing a new piece. Take a break and allow Emily to inspire you today!

Glute and Low Back Stretches by Toby Mulvihill

Massage Therapist Toby Mulvihill offers helpful advice on how to safely practice self-care, stay loose, and maintain a healthy lifestyle during these stressful times.

Ghost, Inc by Sidney Thompson

In this quirky, yet slightly dark, animation, an office worker struggles with the stress of the daily routine, and their quest to find their happy place.

Hotline by Kyle Odefey

This short but intense film captures the incredibly intimate moment one young woman decides to seek help for a difficult situation.  An official selection of the Fargo Film Festival and South Dakota Film Festival where it received best editing, some content is graphic. Viewer discretion advised.

A Circle Over head by Paul Bhajjan

An official selection of the 2018 South Dakota Film Festival, the experimental narrative focuses on the 'most exciting moments' of three young people's lives. Due to some graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

Yoga Stretching Challenge by Kristi Mulvihill

Without the convenience of visiting the gym or attending workout classes, many of us find ourselves searching for ways to stay fit and active at home. Local massage therapist, Kristi Mulvihill, from BodySava, guides us through yoga stretching techniques.

Art of the Movie Theater by Tyler Haehn

Focusing on the authentic characteristics of the building instead of the energy of the audience, this film shares a series of snapshots that collectively capture the identify of a favorite community landmark, the movie theater.

Dormscape by Kyle Odefey

Faced with the unending confinement of his dorm room, a college student gets creative and uses the items around him to create a composition that challenges the senses.

Confines of the Mind by Sidney Thompson

After the brutal murder of his father, a young man must confront his difficult childhood and ongoing bullying that sent his life on a new, complicated path.

Neck Stretching and Self Care by Toby Mulvihill

Sitting at the computer all day long for work, entertainment, or communication, can create havoc on your neck and shoulders. In this short video, Toby guides us through some basic steps to stay comfortable and pain free.

Don't Take a Girl's Candy by Remington Nohr

This comical piece captures the lengths one little girl will go to recover her precious stash of candy, including going head to head with creatures of the undead. Created in a campy, film noir style, parental discretion is advised. 

Leo Quinn by Paul Bhajjan

This experimental short film examines the relationship of a young artist to his work. In 2018, the piece was shown at Espies Film Festival and awarded first place at the Headwater Film Festival in Bemidji, MN.

Reflexology Techniques for Relaxation by Kristi Mulvihill

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet; creating relaxation and the relief of stress. In this video, Kristi leads us through a 30 minute session so we can all give some relief to others.

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